FREE GUIDE: How to overcome resistance that keeps you from meditating + 2 guided meditations

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    This guide will give you understanding and practices to overcome resistance and obstacles with meditating. Maybe you feel restless, bored, sleepy or overwhelmed with strong emotions, or having a hard time sticking to a regular practice. This pdf has six steps with exercises that will help you shift expectations on what your practice should be like. It includes:

    • Common reactions to meditation and why they are normal
    • Removing the punishment
    • Dissolving expectations
    • Making it simple
    • Distancing from thoughts
    • Making a reasonable commitment
    • Practicing acceptance

    Your package will also include two guided meditations:

    1. Relaxing your nervous system, mind and body (30min)
    Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. A simple and effective practice to shift from a stressful state and into the parasympathetic nervous system.

    2. Letting go of thoughts (25 min)
    Learn how to exit the monkey mind. A next level meditation that includes a 3 minute introduction. Will help you develop the skill to shift the quality of your attention from narrow to open focus. A practical way to let go of attachments to thoughts.